The following readings are of two kinds: the first, Selections 1-5, are informal readings recorded at the annual Reading the French of England Aloud sessions at the Kalamazoo International Congress in 2012 and 3013. In these sessions, volunteers read and Professor Alice Colby-Hall, Emerita, Cornell University, gives both exemplary readings herself and commentary and phonological advice to the readers in the sessions. Some of this discussion is deliberately preserved in our recordings, as are the characteristics of a live recording. The second set of readings, Selection 6.1-4, consists of studio recordings graciously made and reviewed by Professor Colby-Hall at Fordham. We are very grateful to her for her vigorous participation in all aspects of our efforts to make the French of England audible.

In all cases, the text of each reading has been linked with the recording and will scroll past the listener as the recording is heard. For this format, as for much else, we are deeply indebted to Matthew Schottenfeld, Television Production Manager at Fordham, whose patience, professionalism and creativity in working with us to make these recordings available has been a constant source of inspiration.

We also thank Sarah O’Brien, Graduate Assistant to Jocelyn Wogan-Browne for her work on the project. We thank Professor Ian Short, Emeritus, Birkbeck College, London, for his permission to use extracts from his editions of the Le Voyage de saint Brendan and Gaimar’s Estoire des Engleis as detailed below, and the Editorial Committee of the British Rencesvals Society for their permission to quote from Le Jeu d’Adam, ed. and tr. Wolfgang van Emden, 2nd edition, British Rencesvals Publications 1, Edinburgh, 1999.

Thelma Fenster and Jocelyn Wogan-Browne


The Chaucer Studio has produced the following recordings at student-friendly prices:

Marie de France-Selections from the Lais: ‘Guigemar’ and ‘Fresne’

Music and Medieval Narrative (performances of Marie de France)

Or dient et content et fabloient: Four Centuries of Old French Verse

Ribaudie and Repentanche: Old French Comic Fabliaux and Moral Tales (a particularly splendid recording by the late Brian J. Levy)

Voicing Medieval Women (includes selections from Anglo-Norman, Old French, Provençal, Early Middle and Middle English, Old Norse)

Benedeit, Le Voyage de saint Brendan

Geffrei Gaimar, L’Estoire des engleis

Anon, Le Jeu d’Adam

Herman de Valenciennes, Li Romanz de Dieu et de sa mere

Nicole Bozon, Le Char d’Orgueil

Clemence of Barking, La Vie de sainte Catherine

Geffrei Gaimar, L’Estoire des engleis

Denis Piramus, La Vie de saint Edmond le martyre

A Nun of Barking, La Vie d’Édouard le Confesseur: poème anglo-normand du XIIe siècle