Journals and Series

  • Anglo-Norman Studies: Proceedings of the Battle Abbey Conferences. The year cited in the title of individual volumes is not usually the year of publication; special care is needed in referring to this fundamental journal.
  • The French of England Translation Series (FRETS).  Published at the University of Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.  See the description of the series and list of volumes online.
  • Haskins Society Journal.  High-quality source of historical articles in the period.
  • Medium Aevum. Primarily literary. Middle English, French, and other languages.
  • Modern Language Review.
  • Romania.  The journal where most texts in the French of England were first published in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Continues to publish valuable editions of shorter texts.
  • Thirteenth-Century England. Well-respected series published annually by Boydell and Brewer.
  • The Year’s Work in Modern Language Studies.  Reviews of all new work in the subject; very well-organized.