Benedeit, Le Voyage de saint Brendan

Recitation of Benedeit, Le Voyage de Saint Brendan, c. 1118-21, vv. 1729-84, read by Alice Colby-Hall, Emerita, Cornell University (with preliminary discussion by Professor Colby-Hall and commentary after the reading by Professor Colby-Hall).

For a student edition, see Ian Short and Brian Merrilees†, eds. The Anglo-Norman Voyage of St Brendan (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 1979).

For a translation, see W. R. Barron and Glyn S. Burgess, eds., The Voyage of Saint Brendan: Representative Versions of the Legend in English Translation (Exeter: University of Exeter Press, 2002), or Ian Short with Dominique Tixhon, Benedeit: le Voyage de saint Brandan: Texte, traduction et illustrations, 1999.

Web-site publication, Coppet, Switzerland:

For an edition with still fuller notes and a translation into modern French see Le voyage de Saint Brendan: édition bilingue / Benedeit; text, traduction, présentation et notes par Ian Short et Brian Merrilees† (Paris: H. Champion, 2006).