Here are a few links to other pages of interest to the study of the French of England. If you know of any other websites that fit this category, please let us know.

The Anglo-Norman On-Line Hub
A useful introduction to the linguistic aspects of the French of England, with links to the monumental Anglo-Norman Dictionary project.

The Anglo-Norman Text Society  This site hosts lists of all Anglo-Norman texts published since 1937 and of the Plain Texts series published since 1983, with links to dictionaries, journals and other useful resources and information.

The Battle Conference on Anglo-Norman Studies
Founded in 1978 by R. Allen Brown, this annual conference at Battle Abbey is dedicated to the study of Anglo-Norman history and culture, focusing mainly on the eleventh and twelfth centuries. There is also an annual published volume of the conference proceedings, under the title Anglo-Norman Studies: The Proceedings of the Battle Conference.

Boydell and Brewer, Ltd.
One of the leading publishers of books on Anglo-Norman history, literature, and culture, both academic and popular.

Bi-Lingual Thesaurus of English and French in Everyday Use in the Middle Ages, ed. Louise Sylvester and Richard Ingham. In progress.

The Haskins Society
One of the most prestigious American scholarly organizations devoted to Anglo-Norman, Angevin, Viking, and Anglo-Saxon studies. They sponsor an annual conference at Cornell University as well as sessions at the Kalamazoo and Leeds conferences.

Online Medieval Sources Bibliography
A database of searchable bibliographic entries for primary sources from the medieval period.  To date, the bibliography contains nearly 500 Anglo-Norman entries which can be found by highlighting “Anglo-Norman” in the “Original Language” search field.  The OMSB was created and is maintained by the Center for Medieval Studies at Fordham University.

French of Italy and French of Outremer
Web sites hosted by Fordham University’s Center for Medieval Studies which explore the question of how the French language functioned in other locations outside of France.

Recent News: Arc Humanities Press are now publishers of the French of England Translation Series in their Foundations series.